Wage & Salary Survey

What is it?
A survey provides in-depth benchmarking information needed to assist organizations to make better, more informed pay decisions. It also provides information on how your company’s salary structure compares to the local market.

How will it help?

    • Gives you the knowledge to stay competitive
    • Helps with your employee retention efforts
    • Gives you a benchmark on where your company fit into San Diego’s economy


In the survey you will find:

    • Base pay and incentive information for more than 200 jobs
    • Data for production, clerical, technical, managerial, professional, and executive positions.
    • Analysis by revenue, total employment, and industry
    • Data from organizations throughout San Diego County.
    • Jobs surveyed come from functional areas such as:
        • Accounting
        • Engineering
        • Human Resources
        • Sales & Marketing
        • Manufacturing
        • Information
        • Systems Administration


Want to get a FREE copy by participating?
Email us to participate in our next survey: surveys@sdea.com

2012 Wage & Salary Survey San Diego Results
To order your copy of the 2012 results, call SDEA at 858.505.0024


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