Harassment Prevention Training

Jennifer Jacobus, PHR-CA

Training at SDEA’s Learning Facility

  • Ideal for smaller companies
  • For those who were absent for company offered training
  • For newly hired/promoted managers and supervisors (required within first 6 months)
  • Click HERE for Upcoming Class Dates and pricing

2. Webinars

  • For those who work remotely
  • If you have a difficult time leaving the office during business hours
  • Feels like public training due to live phone interaction
  • All you need is a computer
  • Click HERE for Upcoming Class Dates and pricing

3. On-Site Training

  • Ideal for companies with 25 or more supervisors needing training
  • Conveniently located at your workplace or a neutral site
  • Customized training
  • OPTIONAL: Review of company’s harassment policy
  • For more information or to schedule training, call SDEA at 858.505.0024.

**California law AB 1825 requires private businesses with 50 or more employees to provide this training to all supervisors and managers every 2 years.

On-Site Training Pricing:

SDEA Member Price $1,000
SDEA Non-Member Price $1,374


Harassment Prevention Training SP15

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